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The Indian Criminal Law Tour

The Indian Criminal Law Tour “was held on October 5, 2019, by the Law Department of the International Institute of Culture and Civilization and the Delhi Bar Association and National Law University.

This tour was for nine days.

The tour also included visiting the courts with professors, an intensive training course and visiting beautiful New Delhi sightseeing.

The tour began at Imam Khomeini Airport towards New Delhi International Airport.

After arriving in India, the tour headed Jaipur.

 After that, we also traveled to Agra for a two-day tour of the Taj Mahal, eventually returning to New Delhi.

The intensive course on “Indian Criminal Law” started with the cooperation of the professors of the National University of Law of India.

In this course, History of Criminal Law in Indian Legal System, Philosophy and Principles of Criminal Law, Review of Common Law Legal System.

The professors also considered the impact of the system, and the similarity of the British legal system with the Indian legal system.

Moreover, they taught the principles of the criminal procedure

 After visiting the court, they visited the Bar Association and discussed their practices and duties and compared it to the Iranian Bar Association.

The practical part of the class was firstly a meeting with the head of the Bar Association in the Lawyers Association. The participants could meet many Indian lawyers and have legal discussions.

One of the attractive programs was the meeting with some of the judges. It involved talking with them and also attending the courts to see the process of issuing a verdict.

The scientific tour ended on October 9th, 2019, from Delhi Airport to Tehran.

One of the highlights of this course was the great welcome of Iranian teachers and students to participate in this course.

In other words, the combination of tourism and education with the highest quality was one of the most important experiences of this period.

This integration and these kinds of programs are carried out professionally in Iran. The credit came from the Department of Law of the International Institute for Culture and Civilization.

At the end of the course, the Bar Association and the professors gave the participants a valid certificate.

The Department of Tourism of the International Institute for Culture and Civilization provided accommodation, flights, and all the tour package.


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