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The Winter School of Criminology was held in Tehran

This course, like the previous courses of criminology schools, was organized by the Law Department of the Institute. The lecturer of this course was Dr. Hamid Reza Nikookar. The course was held in four days, for sixteen hours. This course has certificate in three languages, Persian, English, and French The Winter School of Criminology On the last day of the Course, the issue of Domestic Violence was discussed. Professors: Dr. Yullia Prikolotina from Belarus Dr. Didem Durmaz from Turkey And Dr. Hamidreza Nikookar from Iran and Ramin Jamali Winter schoolhamidreza nikookarHAmidreza nikookar ...

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The Indian Criminal Law Tour

The Indian Criminal Law Tour "was held on October 5, 2019, by the Law Department of the International Institute of Culture and Civilization and the Delhi Bar Association and National Law University. This tour was for nine days. The tour also included visiting the courts with professors, an intensive training course and visiting beautiful New Delhi sightseeing. The tour began at Imam Khomeini Airport towards New Delhi International Airport. After arriving in India, the tour headed Jaipur.  After that, we also traveled to Agra for a two-day tour of the Taj Mahal, eventually returning to New Delhi. The intensive course on "Indian Criminal Law" started with the...

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Phase I of Criminology School Tour in Bushehr

Head of Legal Department Legal Department: School of Criminology Based was held with the cooperation of the Department of Law of International Institute of Culture and Civilization. It was based on the latest international achievements of Criminology. Date: Saturday morning, August, Lecturer: Dr. Hamid Reza Nikokar, a researcher and lecturer in criminology, Place: The Islamic Azad University of Dashtestan Branch Mr. Saber, the director of the Jawad-e-Aemmah of Dashtestan, thanked Dr. Nikoukar for his lecture. He welcomed the attendees at the School of Criminology. He added that the Islamic community should be organized on the rehabilitative body of youth, which will...

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Specialized Workshop on Domestic Violence

In the opening minutes of this workshop, Dr. Hamidreza Nikookar talked about the pathological and aetiological study of violence against women. Furthermore, the ways of dealing with this phenomenon in Iran. Mr. Amir Hasan Shafiee Mr. Ramin Jamali spoke about Domestic Violence, emphasizing the etiology of violence against men. He also described the examples in Iran, as well as the ways to deal with this, and explained the challenges and approaches of this subject. It should be noted that this sitting was followed by questions and answers session. Participants were awarded a certificate of attendance. ...

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