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ِِDocument of Appointment

Mr. Amir Hassan Shafiee is a member of the founding board and board of directors of the Institute. He was appointed by the director of the institute, Hojat al-Islam, and Muslim Sayyed Mustafa Daryabari, after the board of directors dated 2019, to the chair of the Department of Law of the International Institute for Culture and Civilization. ...

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Phase I of Criminology School Tour in Bushehr

Head of Legal Department Legal Department: School of Criminology Based was held with the cooperation of the Department of Law of International Institute of Culture and Civilization. It was based on the latest international achievements of Criminology. Date: Saturday morning, August, Lecturer: Dr. Hamid Reza Nikokar, a researcher and lecturer in criminology, Place: The Islamic Azad University of Dashtestan Branch Mr. Saber, the director of the Jawad-e-Aemmah of Dashtestan, thanked Dr. Nikoukar for his lecture. He welcomed the attendees at the School of Criminology. He added that the Islamic community should be organized on the rehabilitative body of youth, which will...

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