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The International Institute for Culture and Civilization, with the support of a rich Iranian and Islamic culture and civilization, is currently developing and disseminating knowledge in the field of humanities with a global approach.
Therefore, the research department of this institute, after explaining the internal capacities and recognizing the international necessities in the field of development and deepening of humanities and considering the necessity of cooperation of scholars, especially young researchers, to localize and introduce pure Islamic and Iranian ideas to the world, Engages with researchers and academics in the field of humanities to witness the development of articles, journals, books and ideas, and to promote scientific and research development.

In general after this conversation, according to the necessity of using the international capacities of the Institute of Culture and Civilization and it emphasized to collaborate with the Mofid University in the field of research science.

The meeting was held with the presence of Deputy of research international institute for culture and civilization in the office of the head of all research in Qom University, the discussions were about development of science and research in universities fortunately with the presence of two important figures, the way of development, with creation of best standard for the presentation of research achievements for university professors and teachers in the international level will be paved.

Mr. Shujae the head of publication in this university, describing the status of university journals, due to the necessity internationally, emphasized establishment of academic publications, Dr. farahani expressed and recognized the challenges and problems in this area.

In conclusion, considering the capacity of international institute for culture and civilization, compilation of comprehensive international academic publication for future consultation is on agend