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Legal Department


Legal Department of  International Institute for Culture and Civilization

Today, knowing  the legal issues and principles at the community level is a prerequisite for social progress. Also, to get into the practical and technical aspects of this field, it is necessary to use experiences for active and modern learning-based education.
Therefore, the International Institute for Culture and Civilization, with a tremendous educational approach, utilizes the experience of experienced professors and collaborates with internationally accredited scientific centers and establishes law department and holds numerous classes, meetings, and conferences. International and Domestic law education specialists specialize in law for the general, public, and especially law graduates.
The Law Department strives to educate students, researchers, and professors in the field of law by applying innovative and efficient approaches to the academic and technical aspects of the field of law, in particular public international law, comparative law, and criminal law.

Legal Department


ُSome of Our Cooperation

A workshop on The Evolution of the International Law was held at the Public Law Institute of University of Tehran at June 1st 2019, the speakers were Dr. Qassem Zamani, Dr. Alireza Ebrahimgul ,Dr. Bahram Mostaghimi and Dr. Bazzar.

Chair for Human Rights, Peace and Democracy at Shahid Beheshti University

A Sitting on the subject of  Islamic Human Rights Law was held at the Chair for Human Rights, Peace and Democracy of Shahid Beheshti University on 10th December 2019, which consided by the Human Rights international day.

The speakers were:Dr. Ghasem Zamani from Allame Tabatabei University, Dr.Amirsaed Vakil from University of Tehran, Hujat aleslam Sayyed Mustafa Daryabari from International Deputy of Relations and International affairs of Islamic Seminaries in Iran.

پردیس فارابی

University of Tehran, College of Farabi

The Mootcourt on criminal law was organized on October 2019 at Farabi college of the University of Tehran. 

A criminal trial was simulated during 5 hours and with the presence of around five hundred people including students, professors and  lawyers.

Members of the court were: Dr. Hajidehabadi , Dr.shamseNateri , Dr.Aali poor from Farabi college of University of Tehran. and Dr. Dana, Mr.Aedi who are Attorney at Law and Mr. Rahimi the former judge of the Ministry of Justice.

We have collaborated with significant professors from prominent Iranian universities at the Institute's Department of Law.Here's an environment for linking creativity and ideas with law education