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Benefits of participating in the International Scanning for Legal and Religious Dimensions of Corona

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Benefits of participating in the International Scanning for Legal and Religious Dimensions of Corona

Participating in such scientific programs is an indispensable part of a scientific life. Writing a scholarly paper with required standards may take a lot of time and may not be easy for some. However, this scanning, requiring no paper, can be beneficial for the following reasons and may change, in one way or another, your scientific life:

1- Familiarity with other experts

One of the best benefits of participating in this scanning is that you get to know the experts in your field, as we have talked to a lot of professors and thinkers for joining the scanning. Along with this group, you will come to know many students with new ideas and opinions who will be future professors. In fact, in this scanning, we provide you with an elite network.

2- Providing a scientific resume

If you do a good scientific presentation, this is exactly what is missing from your resume. Successful presentations will be certified.

3- Receiving feedback for your presentation

In this scanning, it is possible for all to comment on your presentation, especially if you want to publish it internationally. This scanning brings in a number of experts in your field of study for feedback.

4- Summer or winter workshop/scientific journeys

Traveling to new places is always fun. One of the important parts of this scanning is that by attending the institute’s courses, you can see new cities, different foods, magnificent historical sites and various cultural customs along with visiting universities and scientific institutes. This section will be accompanied by related scientific courses and acquaintances with new professors with whom you can make friends in the future. For the successful participants of this scanning, we consider a 10% discount for the summer and winter courses in Iran (Tehran, Qom, Isfahan, etc.). For the first 4 persons legal section and the first 6 persons in religious section, the discounts are 40, 35, 30, 25, 20, and 15%, respectively.

5- Scientific conferences and meetings

One of the most influential and educational aspects of a scientific activity is direct scientific dialogue. How? We plan to hold virtual and face-to-face scientific conferences and meetings on important and new theories and ideas. It may provide a great opportunity to meet one of the best scholars in your field of study. This will certainly lead to joint cooperation as well.

6- Exchange of views and opinions:

Participating in scanning and listening to the opinions of others create new ideas and theories, provide a better understanding of one’s own opinion and possibly modify it. We make all content available to participants.

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