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nternational institute for culture and civilization (future pioneers) is smart organization
comprising of Iranian experts and elites and academicians both inside and
outside the country. Due to very high scientific capacity of Iranian elites and
experts in different academic fields, defining different strategies in the way
of using this capacity and transferring it to different audiences including
students, it is considered as the most important mission of this institute. In
this regard, this institute, in the form of defining strategies for cooperation
and communication with government agencies and institutions and experts in
various fields of education and research activities.

Introducing short courses in area of religious sciences, law, social sciences, psychology in templates of various lectures, workshops etc.

Introducing short courses in area of religious sciences, law, social sciences, psychology in templates of various lectures, workshops etc. are of its activities that is in direction with this institute to be committed to achieve its main goal. Cooperating in holding practical, educational seminars and conferences.  And collaborating with universities and educational institutions to use the knowledge of elite Iranians inside and out of the country is one of the other activities of this institution


institute is one of the international research and educational centers that the
following goals have been implemented for its activities:

and educating of specialist staff as well as supporting research and scientific
or educational talents.

and working together with academic and culture centers considering world,
internet and television networks.

and printing of textbooks and academic lessons for human rights research
reports, immigration rights and research sciences.

of research journals and research developments holding


The International Institute of Culture and Civilization is working with the international approach to promote and develop humanities-related topics. Emphasis on young people, especially the academic community, by conducting specialized conferences, seminars, meetings and workshops and conducting on-line training courses using the expertise of specialist teachers as well as consulting and liaising with local and international universities. Foreigners have promoted and developed educational disciplines, especially in the humanities.

Discovering and supporting them in preparation for their presence in international scientific communities on behalf of Iran has been one of the ultimate goals of the Institute’s educational sector.

Education Courses

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